Welcome to the Digital Marketing Blog for Coldwell Banker Independent Agents at the Beverly Hills North Office

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Blog for Coldwell Banker Independent Agents at the Beverly Hills North Office! This is your resource for building a strong digital marketing presence and personal brand. 

The 'Digital Marketing Tips' tab is your resource for finding instructions and ideas for building your online presence and brand. 
The 'Things To See and Do' tab and 'Best Things To Do In Los Angeles' tab are resources for you to use in email blasts and on social media sites to promote yourself as an expert in the local area. 

If you would like to learn more about social media and digital marketing, I conduct 30 minute, personal training sessions called Marketing Cafe on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-4 in the conference room. If you would like to make a Marketing Cafe appointment with me, please use the grey 'Book Appointment' button on the right. 

Remember: The goal of posting digitally is to develop engagement. Likes / clicks / shares / mentions / etc. Write comments that inspire people to engage. Ask Questions, ask for suggestions, ask for comments and start a discussion to create engagement!
Think about creating a digital marketing strategy that will create wide exposure for your clients in a short amount of time. What are your goals and how can we utilize digital marketing to reach those goals? 
Return on Time Investment: Social media marketing creates stronger relationships with the people in your market.  You can use it to build trust and loyalty with more people and in less time than with most other marketing tactics.

Company materials, programs, or meetings that are not for compliance purposes are optional for your use as an independent sales associate affiliated with the Company.  Your use is not required for your continued affiliation with the Company.

How To Create a Facebook Post to Promote Your Listing

You can promote your listing through a simple post on Facebook.
Some examples of promoting your listing are through announcing an Open House, Just Listed, Just Reduced, Pocket Listing, or Just Sold to your readers. It will show clients you are at the top of your game and are promoting the listing as much as you can.

Posts are free, but you can promote the post through paid Facebook ad campaigns if you would like more exposure. We will explore how to create Facebook ad campaigns next week.